Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I started my own toy blog as I enjoy taking pictures of my toy collection and taking photos of them is the only time I really get to play with them. After which, they would either go on the shelves or into storage (which is quite a sad thing).

I also thought it'd be cool to see my collection online as and when I wanted. Besides serving archival purposes, it became a place for me to talk about my hobby, discuss about toys with friends and more importantly, meet fellow toy enthusiasts online, few of whom have become rather good friends.

I noticed a spike in Singaporean collectors starting their own blogs and registering for their own photo albums to document their toy collections over the last year, and have added them to my blogroll as and when they sprouted out. I'd initially posted at this thread and the list grew, but it's rather dormant now.

I'll be adding to this blog rather slowly, as I intend to screen cap each collector's webpage and create an individual post for each of them. I will attempt to give a brief description of their collection where possible.

The objective of this blog is really to compile and showcase fellow Singaporeans' toy collections, and ultimately, celebrate our hobby.